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The Republican Academic German Drama Theater is a unique creative team with a history that spans more than 40 years. The theater draws from the cultural heritage and expressive means of European and world drama, combining academism and modern theatrical practices in its work, weaving the cultural and spiritual heritage of ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan into the fabric of its performances.
The theater, as it is known today, was formed and developed after Kazakhstan has gained independence. The company comprises people of different ethnicities.
It is an exemplar of harmony, commonwealth and tolerance; it unites people through art.
Graduates of the German course at the Kazakh National Academy of Arts regularly join the young ensemble of the theater. Currently, a ninth group of actors is undergoing dual training at the theater.
The theater hosts a creative laboratory, where young directors and the city’s various creative groups can realize their creative potential together.
The theater is actively engaged in social and charitable activities:
- It maintains partnerships with the Embassy and Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kazakhstan, Goethe-Institut Kazachstan, and Kazakh-German University in Almaty;
- It is the organizer of "German Language on Stage", a Goethe-Institut Kazachstan Charity Festival, which is attended by schoolchildren from all regions of Kazakhstan (the festival was held for the 7th time this year);
- Cooperates with the cultural and ethnic society of Germans called "Wiedergeburt" (“Renaissance”), and with Vorwärts – an Almaty German Youth Club;
- Takes part in organizing and holding festivals of German culture;
- In 2015, the actors of the Nemetski Theater, directed by Natasha Dubs, took part in making of a film about Herold Belger;
- Together with the Open Literature School of Almaty (OLSHA) the theater has upheld a longstanding tradition of holding dramatized stage readings of plays by young Kazakhstani playwrights;
- Provides charitably support to orphanages, boarding schools for people with disabilities, and a fund for mothers in need.
The theater has a vast experience of working with European directors, choreographers and artists. One of the main objectives of the Nemetski Theater is expanding the boundaries of creativity. In its ambition to acquaint the world with its art, the German theater has successfully represented the Kazakhstani theatrical art a number of times on tours and at large international festivals in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, Korea, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and other countries.
Today, the Nemetski Theater is an active theatrical and creative platform with a great interest in innovations. The theater is open for partnerships, friendships, and cooperation.





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