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Playwright: Max Frisch (Switzerland)
Director: Natasha Dubs
Scenic Designer: Alyona Pavlova
Premiere: 2017

The play is performed in German with simultaneous interpretation into Russian.

I fear and I frighten. I accuse and I am guilty.
I am ashamed and I am right. I betray and I rescue.
If I find myself in the rain, which will wash away all purity
and belonging to a place and a time, I will see the contradictions that I am made of.
Listen to the music within.
That’s what matters.
I am in Andorra. Point out any place on the map – and you’ll find this country.
You’ll find this play, where I am asking the questions and I am giving the answers.
And so are you.
The events of "Andorra" unfold in the fictional country of Andorra, during a recognizable historical period of the first half of the twentieth century.
The protagonist of the play, a young man – an adopted son of a local teacher – is a refugee from the neighboring "Black Empire", and despite the fact that he has lived in Andorra since his early childhood, the inhabitants of the small country won’t fully accept him as one of their own. The young man is constantly confronted with stereotypes about himself: his courage is mistaken for malice, his intelligence for cowardice, his shrewdness for cunning... He is forced to constantly prove his right to be accepted. Meanwhile, his beloved Barblin's deep and genuine affection proves stronger than prejudice – the girl manages to rise above stereotypes, to overcome the misperceptions of society and to see Andri for what he truly is. But can the rest of Andorra follow Barblin's example?
Almaty, Papanina str., 70/1
Time of the event:
Date of the event:
April 23
From 2000 tenge.


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