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Writer: Based on the Sufi parable “The Conference of the Birds” by Attar of Nishapur
Director: Olga Lee
Premiere: 2021

A performance of the Nemetski Theater Laboratory.
The play is performed in Russian.

“ Every real step taken changes something in the soul of the wayfarer.”

In the poem, the birds gather together to hold a meeting to decide who will be their king. When they are unable to come to an agreement, the hoopoe suggests that they seek out the legendary Simurgh to offer him the title. The hoopoe, considered the wisest of the birds, leads the seekers, each of whom symbolizes a vice that prevents one from attaining enlightenment. They set out in search of the dwelling of Simurgh, and to do so they must traverse seven valleys. By the end of the journey, only a group of thirty birds remain.
In the interpretation of our Laboratory, this is a story of freedom and dreams, and the path that leads to them.