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Playwright: R. Schimmelpfennig (Germany)
Director: Olga Lee
Premiere: 2019
Age restriction: 16+

A performance of the Nemetski Theater Laboratory.
The play is performed in Russian.

That's how gnats fly into the light.
They don't care that light means fire and death. The bright light is just so attractive...
And so do we – we thrust ourselves forward, driven by false hopes and dreamed up plans.
The grass is always greener on the side. We arrive to Germany, England, France, elsewhere, and we are surprised to find that no one is waiting for us there, that we are strangers in this feast of life! And now, we hastily rearrange and reshape ourselves, scrubbing and washing away our desires, expectations, and hopes. But the process of returning back to ourselves is often painful and might not always be successful.

the golden dragon