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Almaty, Papanina str., 70/1
Date of the event:
April 16
Time of the event:
From 2000 tenge.


Playwright: J. W. Goethe
Director: Natasha Dubs
Production Designer: Natasha Dubs
Premiere: 2013
Age restriction: 16+

The play is performed in German with simultaneous interpretation into Russian.

The eternal struggle of good and evil, the ineradicable desire to know oneself and the natural world; to know love and death, loyalty and betrayal, and most importantly, the desperate attempt to make sense of one's place and meaning in the endlessly raging ocean of life: this is what has made the legend of Dr. Faustus appealing to people of all ages, generations, and worldviews over the centuries. After all, this truly all-encompassing story holds up a mirror to the most contradictory traits of human nature. "Scenes from Faust" is a new interpretation of Goethe's immortal "Faust". A breathtaking combination of movement and dramaturgy set to the majestic music of Igor Stravinsky create an unforgettable vivid and mystical spectacle, while still preserving the philosophical depth and scope of the source material.
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The actors

the actors