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Almaty, Papanina str., 70/1
Date of the event:
April 14
Time of the event:
From 2000 tenge.

the government inspector

Playwright: N. V. Gogol
Director: Natasha Dubs
Premiere: 2014
Age restriction: 16+

The play is performed in Russian.

A “Government Inspector” unlike anything before!
A psychological “Government Inspector”.
A mystical “Government Inspector”.
An existential “Government Inspector”.
While keeping the humor of Gogol's immortal comedy intact, the Nemetski Theater unwraps completely new depths and dimensions in it: the classic's biting and timeless satire blends with an almost Kafkaesque absurdity; the comedy – with a piercing sense of despair and existential abandonment in an alien and unknown world that is living according to its own, unknown laws; a social pamphlet – with dramatic philosophical reflections, stunning in their depth.
Hello world!

The actors

The actors