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A tragedy, a deconstruction of events

Playwright: Geoff Church (based on Hamlet by W. Shakespeare)
Director: Geoff Church (England)
Production Designers: Yuliya Levitskaya and Eldar Shibanov (
Lighting Designer: Dias Shibanov (
Premiere: 2016

The play is performed in Russian.

A show that serves a mirror. A show that serves as an immersion medium into oneself through one of the most famous characters of classical drama.
The work of an English director Geoff Church (United Kingdom) is unique in the fact that “iamhamlet” is probably one of the first interpretations of Shakespeare in which Hamlet is absent as the main character of the play. In a broad sense, this role is given to the audience – according to the director's plan, a deep hermeneutic and introspective immersion into the well-known story will allow the viewers a fresh glimpse at the characters of Shakespeare's tragedy, as well as themselves, where they might discover new and unexplored territories.