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Writers: Based on Jane Eppenberg’s play “The Seven Lives of Cats” and Stanislav Grof’s book “The Adventure of Self-Discovery”
Director: Aleksandra Bigler
Music: Ilya Pechkanov
Premiere: 2019
Age restriction: 17+

A performance of the Nemetski Theater Laboratory.
The play is performed in Russian.

We are conducting an experiment. Everyone will see a different picture.
You'll get your own unique view. Everything will depend on your chosen vantage point and on what's inside you, in your past.
We're taking a step closer and pulling you in.
We need to see each other's faces.
Get ready for questions. We need more information.
You know so little about yourself. Who do you think you are?
You seem so far away. Come closer.
Stop resisting.
It'll be easy.
We just want to see.