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«Karagoz» is a stage reading of a play in German with incorporated dance theater elements.
It is a joint project with the Goethe-Institut Almaty.
Writer: Mukhtar Auezov
Directors: Natasha Dubs and Florian Bilbao
Premiere: 2017

The poignant story of love and separation, the struggle of sentiment and duty, of personal and public, the conflict of traditions and inner desires – the immortal plot of "Karagoz" by Mukhtar Auezov is very well known. This classic of Kazakh literature, which is included in the Golden Fund of World Culture, finds a new understanding in this German-language iteration – while preserving the beauty, pain and depth of the original text, the Nemetski Theater strives to give the work a new depth, a new dimension. “Karagoz” – a performance that combines stage reading with elements of dance theater – is a synthesis of literary poetry and choreographic movement, where the metaphorical, figurative and poetic nature of the Kazakh language is conveyed by means of modern dance – physicality, expressiveness, gesture, and movement. "Karagoz", a joint project of the Republican German Drama Theater and the Goethe-Institut Kazachstan, is the product of artistic collaboration of the prominent Kazakh theater director Natasha Dubs and the famed European choreographer, dancer and director Florian Bilbao.