laboratory of the German Theater is an open cultural space that unites the creative resources of the city and not only ... well, in principle, the universe itself, because our theater is the Universe theater!



The German Theater Laboratory was established in 2014 with the aim of forming an open cultural space in Almaty. On the one hand, this was done to popularize the German theater, and on the other, to preserve and maintain the spirit of the studio, which originated in the 90s, when the German Theater, thanks to the first two editions of the German Theater Academy at the Almaty Theater and Art Institute named after T. Zhurgenov, became known in Europe and attracted to its stage the platform projects embassies and representative offices of different countries. The German Stage became the first open platform in Almaty, where artists, directors, actors, musicians from all over the world were invited.
It was then that the beginning of collaborations was laid – joint projects designed to expand the horizons of creativity, push back boundaries; destroy stereotypes that the theater is only the production of performances; prove that the theater is a space that exists not only physically, but fills and fills everyone involved in its secrets. And the actors gradually began to fill this inner space by participating in performances or projects. At some point, the state of co-authorship became natural for many, and they went further: they began to try themselves as directors, first in small forms, and then in performances.
Now a large number of different projects, collaborations and directorial works have been carried out in our Laboratory. The theater considers it its important mission to support the actors, to create conditions for them to form themselves as a creative, cultural and spiritual personality: to provide rehearsal time, free from rehearsals stage platforms and, if possible, to help in the production of costumes and scenery.
The laboratory process continues to expand its boundaries: to date, interesting young people have gathered in the theater: costume designer Asem Sapargali, set designer-multimedia designer Alina Gavrilova, unique prop designer Irina Pisaryuk.


Hello world!
Olga Lee
Alexandra Bigler
Timur Bondank
Anton Dudarev
Vitaliy Kupriyanov
Alexandra Bashkatova
Anna Gruschnitskaya
Vlad Litvin
Dasha Tkachenko
Zhanna Kravchenko
Alex Germann
Zangar Akhmetkazy
Ivan Neumann
Yaroslava Grebenkina


Based J. Osborne’s play “Look Back in Anger”
Director: Natasha Dubs
Directors: Timur Bondank, Alexandra Bigler, Vitaly Kupriyanov, Natasha Dubs
R. Schimmelpfennig (Germany)
Director: Olga Lee
Based on Jane Eppenberg’s play “The Seven Lives of Cats” and Stanislav Grof’s book “The Adventure of Self-Discovery”
Director: Aleksandra Bigler
Music: Ilya Pechkanov
Based on the Sufi parable “The Conference of the Birds” by Attar of Nishapur
Director: Olga Lee


Poetry evening
in Tashkent
The sponsor of the performance is the US Consulate General in Kazakhstan and the "Go Viral" project.
Participants: Republican German Drama Theater; literary association "Neolith" (Uzbekistan), OLSHA (open literary school of Almaty), musical collective "Empire of Choir".
This performance is a great collaboration: a modern poet, open to new forms, eager to connect and go beyond the boundaries of his comfort; a modern choir, looking for a new sound, pauses and the absence of music as such; a modern actor, as a living organic, interacting, contacting and controlling space. By combining these elements, we will revive the long-forgotten forms of expression of ancient Greece. We will play with space, sound, body. We will play with you.

Online projects

My dad
Laboratory project of second-year students of the German group of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov

The process of self-knowledge through the profession continues
In the second year of study, the students of the German acting group completed an interesting CREATIVE TASK
It was based on a book with stories by Toon Tellegen
is an animated series with elements of children's verbatim, the authors of which are/
Voronchikhin Ivan
Kravchenko Zhanna
Zhuzimkul Shugyla
Govorova Anya
Bashkatova Alexandra
Litvin Vladislav
Grebenkina Yaroslav
Akhmetkazy Zangar
Kohanova Julia
What are the portraits silent about? (2021)
In portraiture, the master strives not only to capture the appearance of a person as accurately as possible, but also to convey his inner world, character traits and reflections that are often inaccessible to the general eye. What is the one in the portrait silent about? The actors of the German Theater made their assumptions....
This project was created jointly with the State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after A.Kasteev as part of the annual event "Night at the Museum".
This year, the "Night" will be held ONLINE on May 18 from 12:00 to 18:00 on the museum's official FACEBOOK page and YOUTUBE channel.

The author of the idea and director: Natasha Dubs
Sound design: Daler Khalilov
S. Skobina @svet_sky_
B. Boranbayev @bekarysboranbayev
Y. Dementieva @julia_d1604
R. Moldova @renata_molova
A. Almasov @akylhan.almasov

1st year students of the Theater Faculty of T.K.Zhurgenov KazNAI:
Ya. Grebenkina @_yarosslawa_
I. Voronchikhin @k0rwus
J. Kravchenko @zhannalastochka
Video project "Sortirology" (2020)
NEMETSKIY continues to look for himself in the online space. Video project of actors of the theater removed during quarantine for the play by Michael Zakutyansk "Sortyrology" author of the project: Svetlana Skobina, Yulia von Bern, Olya Lee, Renata Molova; director of the installation - Bekarys Boranbayev.
Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm in nemetski (2020)
"Hansel and Gretel"
Watch until you see my gaze on you
joint readings with the literary school of Almaty @litschool_olsha
Bremen Town Musicians
Video project "ABAI"
Many thanks to the @dair_ard band for the opportunity to use their wonderful music!
Cast: Otis Merhenville / Rooster - Anton Dudarev Donkey - Israel Berkman Dog - Renata Molova Cat - Olga Lee Ataman Leo - Alexey Ponomarev Robber Zigrin - Nurlybek Maulezarypov Robber Zoltan - Ivan Hildebrand Magic - Daria Zolotukhina
The film was made by: Composers - Renata Molova, Israel Berkman Poems - Natalia Lutsenko Music - group @Dair_Ard
The songs are performed by Renata Molova, Anton Dudarev
Sound recording - Daler Khalilov
Computer Games Expert - Israel Berkman
Illustrations - Daria Zolotukhina
Props - Daria Zolotukhina, Alexander Slugin
Cinematographer/ editing/ special effects/ sound design/ sound engineer - Alain Mukhamedzhanov Light - Dmitry Dragoi, Salamat Myrzataev
Sound engineer - Alexey Ponomarev
Scenery – Evgeny Yashkov, Vladimir Koltsov, Ivan Hildebrand
Makeup - Olga Berestova
Costume assistants - Gulnara Beisembayeva, Lyudmila Dudareva
Assistant Director - Natalia Lutsenko
Director / set designer/ costume designer - Anton Dudarev
The author of the project is Natasha Dubs
Director: Timur Bondank
Video editing: Bekarys Boranbayev
Poems and words of edification of Abai in Kazakh, Russian, German
Timur Bondank: "in whatever era you reread educational words, they are still relevant. This video production is a kind of poetic fantasy; an emotional reaction to Abai's works. THEATER is a kind of living art. It has nothing to do with the image, but it includes everything, the main thing is that there is an actor on stage and a spectator in the hall. Consequently, the theater actor is not fully prepared for the level of conditions dictated by the situation. But I think we have achieved this difficult task."


The German Language on Stage Festival
As part of the 7th Youth theater Festival "German on Stage" on 04.11.2021 at 14.30, a screening of Miroslava Svolikova's play "The Edge" will take place.
Miroslava Svolikova is an Austrian artist and playwright
She can be safely called the queen of the absurd. The heroes of her plays are walls, stones, stars, unicorns, tetris, etc.

Festival organizer: Goethe Institute in Kazakhstan
Art Direction: Natasha Dubs