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Playwright: Erika Mitterer (Austria)
Director: Natasha Dubs
Scenic Designers: Alyona Pavlova, Gerald Szyszkowitz
Premiere: 2019

The play is performed in Russian.

Time sands down facts and historical events.
What once seemed clear and unalterable, today brings up questions and gives rise to a host of interpretations. That is why it is so important to hear the voices of participants in historical events and eyewitnesses through the decades.
The author of the play, Erika Mitterer, tells an incredibly compassionate and moving (and almost autobiographical) story of a family caught up in the whirlpool of difficult events.
The play is set in the post-war fifties but the issues that the characters are faced with are similar to the issues we face in the 21st century. How to cope with mental trauma and loneliness? Where to find support in an era of global political and social change? Why is it so difficult for people of different generations to find common ground?

The glass shop-front of a kiosk – dusty, old and cluttered – is where the main character lives; it symbolizes a view of life, a look at the past and the present. It is up to the characters to see, hear and understand each other through the strata of time and pain. So that they can go on living, bringing along into the future their most valuable – human relationships and love.