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A western

Playwright: Theodor Storm (Germany)
Director: Tilman Hecker, Germany
Scenic Designers: Yelena and Viktor Vorobyev, Kazakhstan
Choreographer: Jos McKein, USA
Composer: David Brynjar Franzson, Iceland
Songs written by: Kate and Izzi Eberstadt, USA
Lighting Designer: Scott Bolman, USA
Costume Designer /stylist: Belle Santos, Germany
Age restriction: 16+
Premiere: 2019

The play is performed in German, English, Russian, Kazakh.

The actors of the Nemetski Theater and an international production team led by the German director Tilman Hecker ponder the future of the planet. The plot centers around the beautiful German fairy tale “Die Regentrude” (The Rainmaiden) by Theodor Storm. Literary and philosophical works are woven into the fabric of the production.
Today, we often talk about the parallel existence of multiple universes, and these myths and fantasies are reflected in our films and in literature. What are we – a real world or someone's fantasy? A part of nature that must obey its laws or the masters of the natural world? What will happen to us, what will happen to our home? These are the questions we want to talk about on our theater stage.