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Playwright: Annas Bagdat
Director: Yeslam Nurtazin
Choreographer: Assel Abakayeva
Scenic Designer: Aigerim Bekmukhambetova
Composer: Ushkyn Zhamalbek
Stage Combat: Maksat Rakhmet
Premiere: 2015

The play is performed in Russian.

“On Earth” – the Nemetski Theatre's innovative production staged by Yeslam Nurtazin for the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate, is a fascinating journey into the history of Kazakhstan in this vivid and unusual lecture-performance. Following the dramatic turns in the history of the Kazakh people and immersing the audience into the turbulent whirlpool of history, the story is expressed through the most vibrant means of modern theater art: choreography, movement, music, light and text. From ancient Saks to Alash Orda, from Genghis Khan to the Dzungarian invasion – the story takes the audience on a journey, visual and vivid in showing the historical fate of Kazakh people, their struggle for freedom and independence and the establishment of the nation in the context of universal history. The play “RUH” (“Spirit”) was written for the Nemetski Theater by the contemporary Kazakh playwright Annas Bagdat, the winner of the “Altyn Tobylgy” Best Dramaturgy of the Year prize in the field of literature.