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Playwright: Frank Wedekind
Original concept and staging: Maren Pfeiffer (Bonn, Germany)
Director: Natasha Dubs
Production Designer: Sergey Meltzer
Premiere: 2015

The play is performed in Russian, Kazakh, and German.

An anxious sky covered in transparent clouds hangs overhead, the wind rumbles, making every stone vibrate: the spring is awakening and with it, the instincts are awakening too. From the mud and melted snow, the first flowers reach out to the sun and young souls sprout new feelings – unexplored, frightening, bringing up many questions, for which there are no answers. "Spring Awakening" is a frank conversation on a subject that is not usually talked about in polite company. A story about the love of life and the fear of one's true nature, of sensuality and death, of naivety and sanctimony, of the struggle between the individual and the system.