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Playwright: Botho Strauss (Germany)
Director: Natasha Dubs
Choirmaster: Galymzhan Berekeshev
Scenic Designer: Anton Bolkunov
Premiere: 2017

Featuring songs by Johannes Brahms.
The play is performed in German with simultaneous interpretation into Russian.

The reincarnation of ideologies: contradictions that are handed down through generations,
characters trapped between submission and resistance.
The process of transition through borders between countries, ideas, eras…
It’s logical: if you expect comfort – settle down,
if you want something different – cross the border,
if you’re looking for something new – follow the neutral zone.
The play takes place in Germany, 1989, against the historical background of the fall of the Berlin Wall. But it is by no means just a coverage of events in Germany in the late 1980s, but rather a deeply philosophical and ethical work about the complexity of human nature, about global and everlasting issues that never lose their relevance.
The performance is a large and complex puzzle of faces, destinies and stories. The audiences witness the drama that is passed from one person to another like a baton among a group of people that happen to be in a small café near the Berlin Wall on the eve of its demolition. Great events rattle the world, history takes a new turn, and fates are rewritten in celestial books. But the characters of the play are here and now, they meet each other, they discuss outrageously expensive appetizers, they break up, squabble, get into arguments, they love and hate, they are here and now, with their complex, confused thoughts, hidden insecurities, uncertainty, lack of aspirations and motivation.

The final choire