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A musical fairy tale for children

Writer: Hans Christian Andersen
Director: Natasha Dubs
Scenic Designer: Aleksandr Slugin, Yelena and Viktor Vorobyev
Composer: Daler Khalilov
Premiere: 2018
Age restriction: 3+

The play is performed in Russian.

We will tell you about the amazing adventures of the brave and courageous girl Gerda, who saved her sworn brother Kai, by managing to melt the ice in his heart while going against the Snow Queen herself.
Her love, her faith in herself, her faith in friendship, helped her overcome the endlessly long journey to save Kai. A huge and often dangerous world reveals itself to her, but it is also full of funny characters: talking birds, a cunning flower sorceress, forest robbers – all of them become a part of her adventure.
We decided to change the ending of this fairy tale by discovering the little girl that is at the core of the evil and beautiful Snow Queen. We believe that during our exciting interactive game, we will be able to warm her heart together, and she will see spring, hear the birds sing, and will be able to smell the scent of flowers.